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Her vagina is SATAN.

xmpty prxmixes x: I didn't really think most girls thought like you guys said they did. I though they though like me...
xmpty prxmixes x: thought*
xmpty prxmixes x: xLove x Hurtsx 4: you r the cunt
xLove x Hurtsx 4: u couldnt get him if you tried
xLove x Hurtsx 4: while i kan
xmpty prxmixes x: You're typical girl.
xmpty prxmixes x: I don't want him.
xmpty prxmixes x: I want a guy that I actually like, that cares for me.
xmpty prxmixes x: I like long, meaningful relationships.
xLove x Hurtsx 4: yeah
xmpty prxmixes x: No bullshit weeklong ones.
xLove x Hurtsx 4: well josh is gonna be long and meaningfull
xmpty prxmixes x: No, it's not, because you have a vagina, and you think with it
xmpty prxmixes x: hehehe
xmpty prxmixes x: xLove x Hurtsx 4: soon, ill be his lost fantesy girl
xLove x Hurtsx 4: leading him on
xLove x Hurtsx 4: 1ce he likes me
xLove x Hurtsx 4: ill keep him on a string
xLove x Hurtsx 4: to buy me presents
xLove x Hurtsx 4: and do me favors ;-)
xLove x Hurtsx 4: i love 17 yr old boytoys

That's our friend ChiChi talking to some typical cunt. Her name is Alisa Day. Her phone number is 374-2973 and she lives in Scotia. Yoda's gonna bitch her out. I hope that goes well.

Just look at how nonchalantly she says these plans for her male slave. This bitch should have a shotgun unloaded into her cervix.

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