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bitch hatin' core

women haters
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if u hardcorely hate bitches, join this community. this is for rants about hating bitches, pictures of bitches getting hated on, and for us mods to receive massive amounts of hate mail and reply to it in ways that make you look like complete idiots.

we're right, and if you dont hate bitches, then you are wrong. completely wrong.

alexisonfire, bitches fighting, bitches gettin shot, bitches gettin stabbed, bitches getting seriously injured, bitches with black eyes, boysnightout, charles manson, choking bitches on dick, cops episodes(involving bitches), cumming on bitches faces, dead bitches, death(of bitches), domestic violence, drunk violence(involving bitches), ed gein, glassjaw, goregasms, hating girls, hating sluts, mister monster, necrophiliacs, senses fail, snuff films